The Diaper Dash

Baby Racing

Do you have a FAST baby that LOVES to crawl?

We are hosting our annual BABY RACES at The Victoria Baby & Family Fair!

The races will be held on the Saturday and Sunday during the 2022 Family Fair and they are going to be hilarious!


Everyone is welcome to watch! If you are not racing your little crawler…come help cheer on your favourite baby!


No Entry Fee! 

Prizes for 1st Place for Saturday and Sunday!

(Each individual baby can ONLY win a 1st Place prize once throughout the weekend. Each baby is encouraged to and can definitely race both Saturday and Sunday but if your child wins 1st Place on Saturday, they will not be allowed to win 1st Place on Sunday - we are implementing this new rule this year to allow for more baby winners!)

Each participant will be entered to win a Grand Prize!


1. The baby race is open to babies who crawl but do not walk.  Walkers will be disqualified.


2. Adults are required to stand at finish line to encourage their babies to crawl toward them. Adults must not pick up their child before they cross the finish line. 


3. In order to be qualified to win 1st Place, each baby will be required to cross the finish line (on their own, no dragging or picking up to carry the baby over the finish line)


4. Babies do not have to finish in the same lane they started in. But, any baby that crawls outside of the race lines will be disqualified. 


5. You may use a toy/bottle or other prop to help encourage your baby across the finish line.


6. A three minute time limit is in effect after which the baby closest to the finish will be declared the winner. (just in case, the babies are having a slow day)


7. There will only be one winner for each heat.


8. Each winner of a heat will be required to race again against the winners of the other heats in order to determine who wins the 1st Place Prize for the day!


The Diaper Dash will begin promptly at 2:00pm on Saturday and 2:00pm on Sunday.  Please aim to arrive 30 minutes early to check in before the race.

No shows and/or late arrivals may be replaced with new participants on-site.


The Judge’s decision is final.   

2:00pm // The Diaper Dash!

Baby Races (2:00pm-2:30pm) 

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